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Who are REN Clean Skincare’s eco-conscious friends?

Meet the brand collective that is pledging to clean up the industryThis year, we have seen the beauty industry improve by leaps and bounds when it..

Meet the brand collective that is pledging to clean up the industry

REN #weareallies

This year, we have seen the beauty industry improve by leaps and bounds when it comes to eco-conscious packaging, ingredients and supply chains. Loads of leading brands have banished palm oil from their products, collaborated with recycling programmes and have a carbon-neutral head office. 

That said, there’s still a lot to do if conglomerates and indie brands alike are to hit their targets of a green, clean, net-zero industry in the coming decades. 

That’s where REN’s group of beauty industry allies come in.

In May 2021, REN Clean Skincare harnessed the industry’s packaging problem as a springboard for collaboration. The brand is the brains behind the #WeAreAllies campaign which encourages industry competitors to unite in their goal to reduce beauty’s plastic footprint. 

What is the initiative?

REN Skincare, which is set to fulfil its own Zero Plastic Pledge by the end of this year, extended the olive branch to three of its biggest rivals; Biossance, Caudalie, Herbivore and Youth To The People. Together, the cult beauty names are committed to more planet-friendly packaging by the end of 2025 – only three years away. 

Lisa Oxenham, Beauty and Style Director at Marie Claire commends the project saying, “Although we can all do our bit, it’s impossible to solve the climate crisis single-handedly and the #WeAreAllies campaign shows that we don’t have to. Creating a community is equally as important as sharing planet-friendly technology and design ideas. Together, the industry can make a difference.” 

REN #weareallies

Knowing that 70% of plastic waste still ends up in landfills, CEO of REN Clean Skincare, Arnaud Meysselle, hopes that the campaign encourages more brands to make pledges to protect the planet too.

Meysselle says: “Taking action to reduce waste in the beauty industry is a challenge; together we can share ideas and pioneer new solutions to reduce packaging waste. It is the sharing of the knowledge of the collective industry that has the power to make a real, meaningful and scalable difference.”

What has the campaign achieved?

Over the last seven months, while the industry has been hit with the pressures of the pandemic and Brexit, REN has continued to dedicate itself to making conscious beauty the norm. 

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As well as developing their recycling programme, the packaging team at REN have shared the secrets behind their aluminium sample pack technology. From the bottle to the screw top, the packaging is made from 100% recyclable aluminium which means all the allies can sample without waste – a world first. 

To date, the founders have received 20 applications from other brands that want to join the eco-program, proving that this is just the beginning.

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