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These are 12 silk pillowcases that will elevate your beauty sleep.

Say farewell to bad hair days for good

Best silk pillowcases

Sleep is so important. Not only does it have a huge impact on our mental health, but it effects our physical health, too. That’s why we are all about taking the necessary steps in order to get our full eight hours. Whether it’s a weighted blanket, using our best bath products to wind down before bed or trying out a relaxing yoga class, we’ll do whatever it takes.

But believe it or not, there are some downsides to a deep sleep. That’s right, we’re talking about the effects it can have on our skin and hair. Tossing and turning throughout the night can cause frizz, split ends and even wrinkles. But have no fear, as our round up of the best silk pillowcases are here to save the day.

What does a silk pillowcase do?

Silk pillowcases are renowned for their beauty benefits. They create a much smoother surface than your standard cotton pillowcase, meaning there will be less tugging on the skin which can cause creases and wrinkles. Your hair will also thank you, as it can move around without friction, meaning you are much less likely to wake up with that dreaded bedhead look.

Cotton pillowcases also absorb much more moisture than silk, so although you might be applying your best night cream before bed, you won’t be seeing its full effects. Silk pillowcases are less likely to absorb your skincare products throughout the night, so you will wake up looking glowy and hydrated for the day ahead.

Best silk pillowcases for 2022:

  1. Best overall silk pillowcase: Slip Silk Pillowcase, £85 | Selfridges
  2. Best affordable silk pillowcase: Pure Silk Pillowcase, £25 | Marks and Spencer
  3. Best silk pillowcase for smooth skin: Silk Works London Pink Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, £65 | Wolf and Badger
  4. Best silk pillowcase for smooth hair: The Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase, £45 | John Lewis
  5. Best personalised silk pillow case: Personalised Silk Pillowcase, £35, Marks and Spencer
  6. Best cooling silk pillowcase: Champagne Standard Silk Pillowcase, was £68 now £60 | Blissy
  7. Best colourful silk pillowcase: Coco & Wolf Osterley Mustard Silk Pillowcase Set of Two, £139 | Liberty
  8. Best luxury silk pillowcase: Audley Pure Silk Oxford Pillowcase, £80 | The White Company
  9. Most durable silk pillowcase: Satin Pillowcase, £12 | Beauty Bay
  10. Best Amazon silk pillowcase: LilySilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, £32.99 | Amazon
  11. Best travel silk pillowcase: Slip Beauty Sleep To Go Travel Set, was £119 now £83.30 | Net-A-Porter
  12. Best ethical silk pillowcase: Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase, £89 | Ethical Kind

We’ve rounded up our top picks and looked at everything from the best overall option, to the most affordable and luxury silk pillowcases and which ones are guaranteed to last you the longest. Time to put the ‘beauty’ in beauty sleep…

12 best silk pillowcases to shop now, from £12

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