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The 10x10 Challenge: Create 10 Outfits from 10 Items!

By Tess DiNapoliMaking the perfect outfit regardless of the season is as simple as breaking down the formula into distinct items that you can mix and ..


By Tess DiNapoli

Making the perfect outfit regardless of the season is as simple as breaking down the formula into distinct items that you can mix and match for the perfect look. Are you building yourself a new wardrobe? If so, now’s the time to take on this 10×10 challenge!

Check out how you can make 10 different outfits using 10 foundational items and then tell your friends to try the 10×10 challenge!

1. Dresses

10x10 challenge

Dresses are great stand-alone outfit options because of their versatility. Just by switching up your accessories, you can take a dress from the perfect work outfit to lunch with the girls or a romantic date night. From chic scarves to cardigans or jewelry, it doesn’t take much to get multiple looks from one dress. 

You can also make this rule work for your favorite tops, whether that means putting on a sweater or even your favorite blouse. 

2. Skirts or Bottoms

Skirts and other bottoms like jeans complement your tops to pull everything together and set the foundation for your outfit. Because these two items are so important together, it’s crucial that you plan your outfit so that the pieces you pick represent who you are and look great paired together. 

3. Shoes 

10x10 challenge

Another major consideration for the 10×10 challenge and challenge for any outfit is your footwear. Whether you base your outfit around the shoes you want to wear or you choose your shoes based on your outfit, you’re going to need multiple styles and colors. Keep your shoes somewhere easily accessible so you can swap them out easily.

4. Jackets 

If it’s cold out or you’re looking to accessorize, adding a jacket to your outfit can make things look cooler or feel warmer. This can mean adding a denim jacket to your wardrobe or finding items you love like a new leather jacket. 

5. Earrings

Earrings are often very personal items that express who we are and add some extra flair and beauty to what we’re wearing. Make sure to have multiple earring options with different stones and metals so that you can always match them up with something. 

6. Rings

Do you have any rings that you love to wear? Whether you’re a one-ring type of person or you love to adorn your fingers with tons of rings, these are a simple way to switch up your accessories and tie your jewelry together. 

7. Handbags

10x10 challenge

Some may not consider handbags to be part of an outfit. However, if you carry one around most of the day, they most certainly play a role in your look. Finding a handbag that will work for daily wear and special events is quite easy!

8. Belts

Speaking of accessories, belts are often overlooked when building great outfits. A good belt can make any plain dress look chic, define your body shape, and draw the eye to your dress or top than your piece would by itself. 

9. Bracelets or Watches

Have some lovely bangles or high-end watches sitting in a drawer at home? Break them out for this challenge and add some bling to your bare arms if you’re wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt or top. 

10. Scarves or Hats

Finally, pieces that sit around your neck or hat can be great for fall and summer wear. Consider adding something fun and functional to your outfit with a hat. 

10x10 challenge

There Are So Many
Possibilities Out There!

No matter what type of outfit you want to create, the 10×10 challenge above can help you find the most essential pieces and create endless outfit possibilities for leisure, work, and events!

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