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Here are all the Zara shopping hacks that you should know

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all Zara addicts to a certain degree, so you might already know all the Zara shopping hacks in existence. However,..

zara shopping hacks

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all Zara addicts to a certain degree, so you might already know all the Zara shopping hacks in existence. However, if you don’t, please carry on reading.

Zara notoriously never does discounts, just sales, but there are a few tips that could save you a bit of £££. These aren’t new, but you might have missed them as they’re not mega obvious.

Zara sizing hack

This TikTok Zara size hack went viral in summer, explaining that each label has a symbol on it which indicates whether it’s true to size or not. You can find these symbols on both the purchase tag (at the top) and the inner label, and it’s believed a circle symbol means the item runs large, while a square means that it’s true to size, and a triangle indicates that it runs small. This way, you can skip the queues as you’ll already know whether to get your normal size, or go one up or down.

The best days to shop at Zara

The best days to shop online are usually Monday and Thursday for the main drops, but there are odd new pieces added on most days.

The best time to shop at Zara

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that shopping at Zara in the morning is the best time of day to go. Fresh stock will be put out and everything will be ordered nicely, plus there won’t be many people around. As soon as 1pm hits though, the queues will snake around the shop as people on their lunch breaks try to buy something.

How to find the best discounts in the sale

Apparently, Zara employees are told to put the most expensive sale items at the front of the store, in the hope that these will go first. So if you want to grab a real bargain, head to the back of the store or rack.

How to get faster shipping at Zara

Ok, so this doesn’t necessarily work every time, however I’ve noticed that if I get an item shipped to a store, it’s usually available much quicker for pickup (usually the next day) than it would if I chose normal delivery. Plus this way you get free delivery, and it’s more environmentally friendly as it’ll likely be delivered with other stock or orders.

Zara secret sale

Although it’s not advertised as a sale, the Zara Special Prices section is essentially one. You’ll find it right a the top of the womenswear section, written in pink, so you can’t miss it.

In there, you’ll find clothing from every category, from dresses to coats and shoes, some of them reduced by as much as 50% off. Although it used to be Zara’s more basic pieces, now it seems to even include current collections, just reduced.

Zara sold out items

Missed out on an item? There are Zara shopping hacks for that. I’ve noticed that a lot of the best-sellers often get restocked, and even brought back the following year if they’ve been extra popular. Usually if an item is on the verge of being re-stocked, it’ll have a ‘coming soon’ message with an envelope next to the sold out size. Click on it to add your email address, then you’ll be alerted by email as soon as it gets re-stocked.

Zara has also started adding new products before they launch, as a kind of ‘sneak peek’ so this is a good way to ensure you don’t miss out on new launches.

Be quick though, as there’s no way of knowing how many people have signed up to the alert, and it might have sold out again by the time you log in.

You can also check the availability of the item in store, but I’ve found that the tool isn’t always accurate, as it can take a few hours for the store’s stocks to align with the online ones.

Zara discount codes

Sadly, Zara famously don’t do discount codes (I mean they don’t need to, do they?), nor do they offer student discounts, so if you’re after a bargain, you’ll have to wait for the sales. Employees do have a 25% off store discount though, which is said to also work on sale items.

Zara sales

It used to be that the Zara sale fell in line with the major winter sale and summer sale periods, so Boxing Day and June. But this year especially, there have been loads of extra surprise ones, like the Zara Black Friday sale.

Zara hardly ever reveals when its sale will happen, so the best way to know in advance is to sign up to the newsletter, because you will usually get notified in advance. Last time there was a sale, I got an email telling me exactly what time the sale would start.

My top tip: create an account if you haven’t already and bookmark any items you’ve got your eye on. This way you can easily see which items have been reduced and add them to your shopping basket quickly.

If you want extra discounts, it’s worth being patient. Historically, although Zara sales start with an ‘up to 50% off message’, not all items are reduced by that much. If you can wait a week or two, more lines will be added to the sale and discounts will increase. There is a risk of the item you want selling out though.

Zara free delivery

The cheapest way to get your Zara order delivered is to get it sent direct to a store of your choice, for free. Sometimes my order is even available the very next day in store so it can be super quick.

But if you’re spending over £50 (which let’s be honest, is pretty easy to do at Zara), then it’s free anyway.

Zara beauty hack

If you’re looking to stock up on some makeup now that we’re allowed out, you have to check out the new Zara Beauty section. It features stunning eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish and accessories in cruelty-free formulas, beautiful refillable packaging and over 130 dreamy colours. With prices starting at just £5.99, the Zara beauty section is well worth it.

Zara home hack

This tip doesn’t actually involve the main site, but Zara home. Did you know that as well as homeware, it sells some amazing loungewear too? It’s not all cheap but there are some great pieces like trousers and tunics for under £30.

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