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7 Problems that Parent Coaching Can Help You Address and Manage

Gentle parenting and other prevalent movements have dramatically influenced the way professionals work with parents. Coaches provide support and..


Gentle parenting and other prevalent movements have dramatically influenced the way professionals work with parents. Coaches provide support and practical guidance to parents, helping them solve problems or adjust to new situations in ways that meet both their own needs and those of their children.

Brainstorming with parents is a helpful technique for eliciting ideas, assessing progress, and identifying barriers. If your kid is struggling academically or acting out, you may consider parent coaching as a solution. 

School-Related Issues

A specially trained parent coach provides school-related support to parents, giving them the tools they need to address their child’s academic difficulties.


When families experience changes or crises, parent coaching is particularly effective in helping them adjust quickly and minimize the stress on their children. 

For example, children are not likely to respond well to moving to a new city or neighborhood, as it would require them to upend their lives, go to a new school and try to make new friends. 

The stress caused by these transitions may affect their academic performance. Parent coaches can provide you with practical solutions and guidance to help your ward get through this difficult time. 

Financial Stress or Abuse

When parents face multiple challenges such as poverty, disability, or family violence, the coaching technique may be the only intervention they receive. Coaches work with those who might otherwise fall through the cracks of the health care, mental health, and social service systems.

Sick or Disabled Children

Parents of children who suffer from chronic illness, such as asthma or diabetes, can manage many aspects of their child’s care with coaching, allowing them to reduce the number of doctor visits and hospitalizations.

Parents of special needs children can learn ways and techniques to manage their child’s education program, address their behavioral needs, and facilitate a healthy family environment.

Develop Networks

When parents lack strong social support networks and access to resources, coaching helps them develop those essential connections and gain the necessary skills to function more successfully.

When families lack the language or skills to navigate complicated systems, a coach will provide translation services and help parents advocate for themselves with schools, child care programs, doctors ‘ offices, and other essential agencies during difficult times.

Doctors can identify the issue troubling parents more accurately. Some parenting issues may stem from childhood trauma or other issues you may have left unresolved from childhood or adolescence. An expert can get to the root cause of the issue and help you unlearn harmful parenting behaviors.

Troubled Teens

As children grow into adolescence, coaching can help parents develop skills to manage their behavior effectively. Coaches teach teens to set goals, communicate with parents, and problem-solve. As a result, they learn to take ownership of their lives.

The coach may use mental and emotional exercises to help teens navigate their troubled years and grow into level-headed adults. The techniques aim at correcting core behaviors and breaking incorrect belief systems.

However, it is vital to choose an experienced coach. Assess the reputation and reliability of the coach from referrals and reviews. Also, communicate your specific parent-child coaching requirements with your coach for the best results.

Pending or Unresolved Issues

Coaching addresses issues that might otherwise remain stuck, unsolved, or unresolved. If left unattended, unresolved issues can develop into trauma, depression, or other chronic psychological conditions. 

Effective therapy at the right time can help parents and children address these issues faster. Children of abusive parents or parents suffering from addictions and other disorders may develop harmful behaviors themselves.

These children may grow up into adults who are unaware of how to form healthy relationships and behaviors. It is recommended that you contact a specialist at the earliest if you suspect your child has been through abuse, whether physical or emotional.

Parent coaching offers a unique blend of support, education, and skill development to help parents and children overcome many challenges. This kind of psychotherapy can help prevent personality disorders and emotional dependency disorders. 

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